Sunday, March 17, 2013

130317 Samsung Coex

this weekend, we went to another big shopping mall - that was doing well.

unfortunately it was under renovation for almost 60% of the place, so there wasn't much to see...

well there's a big (permanent) samsung fair there. they were featuring this new camera phone that is mainly a powerful camera with side functions of a phone. real cool. there's also some avengers display that you could take picture with, and they would print and draw caricatures of you to demonstrate samsung's powerful sketching and printing functions.

we had lunch first - samgaetang!!! it's ginseng chicken. it's so good! there's glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken. the ginseng soju comes with the set too.


even though most of the place was closed, there was still the aquarium around so that's we went to.

they have these tubes with magnifying power so you can see the small little fishes clearer.


but what's interesting about this aquarium is the interesting settings and the aquarium decor!!! they have different situations where an aquarium can be at - postbox, vending machine, toilet, etc.

and just out of the blue there's those funny mirrors that distort you around.

and if you're tired of the fishes, they have other animals too... why is it called aquarium then? i'm not sure!! but these hamsters lookalike are so cute!

some bats and monkeys too...


and turtles and tortoises!

seahorses and i think that's electric eels.

the only dragon we have in this world. not those that appear in our games, of course.
this seal was a little too fat to float up i think.
and not forgetting the king of fishes, and my favourite food (their fins, doh).
there was some show going on but there were too many people and the person who were standing behind let out a super poisonous fart that forced us to the corner. YIKES. ended up taking pictures and drinking the drink that was endorsed by Lee Jun Ki heheheheheh
also went to the building next to it, which is supposed to be part of coex but it has not much things in it. it's basically like suntec, if there's no event there's nothing going on. but there's stage performances going on here, and one of them was legally blonde. so interesting! tickets are all above 80,000 won though. bleah.

saw an interesting visual ad.
but there's not much to do so we ended up watching a movie instead - warm bodies. had to wait for a bit before it start so we rested at a smoothie place. the movie was pretty nice and funny! better than expected. and i conclude that you can tell if a movie is interesting or not by how much mr 0 sleeps inside, and this time, he didn't fall asleep. heh.

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