Monday, March 04, 2013

yong-in eateries~

this post is gonna be all about the food i've had so far at yong-in. muahhaha.

there's a yong-in market 용인시장 just a 10 mins walk away from the station, that is a shopping district and full of things to eat. we go there for dinner pretty often. sometimes in the morning, we go there for breakfast although the only thing that's opened before 7am is lotteria and macdonald T_T otherwise, at the terminal itself just past 620am, there's a Snack stall that sells cone pizzas and nice egg toast. if not there's always the convenience shop...

there's also food at their local e-mart. believe it or not, this portion is for 3 person. the 2 guys i was with eat like monsters.

we also have samgyeopsal, like all the time. there's this place that is about $15 per person and is a buffet style kind of korean bbq. the smoke always drives me crazy, but these guys seem to love the place.

well, it is a good place if your group is full of guys who eat like monsters. bleah i can only manage to take half my face. oops.

aside from the buffet kind, there's also the high-end beef kind of bbq. the bloody cubes are liver... and the greyish thing is some intestinal lining. the on on the right is raw beef, you can eat it as it is or half-cook it. but i was so afraid my stomach wouldn't be able to take it that i cook it full - which as they say is a great big waste... hurhur.

the liver, when cooked, is pretty nice.

there's also porridge sold at the terminal, which is actually pretty good. porridge here is considered a high-end food. one bowl like this costs $10-$15, because of the ingredients used (seafood). we ate this after the guys all kena food poisoning the day before from the place we always had our alpab. but they got it from the hae-pab, a cold saladish kind of rice bowl with seafood.

now this is the really traditional kind of korean food, that i had for breakfast. it's just near eunhwasam shineville, so we can walk over easily from where i stay. the side dishes are pretty crazy. but i only liked the cucumber, as even the kimchi tasted weird to me. the fish is the main dish, and actually tastes like my mom's cooking. hmmm, my mom can do business here~ one fish is almost $15. pretty expensive...

there's also a pretty nice chinese restaurant at the yong-in market. we had a 5 course meal for about $25-$30 per person, with crabmeat soup!

we came back again for their dinner, but ordered separate items. the jajangmyeon plate is crazy big, it's like a b3 paper size. whoooo.

and since the guys are always craving ice cream after dinner, i can't count the number of times i've eaten baskin robbins since i came here. i'm gonna grow fat from just the ice cream. but i've to admit the flavours are awesome.... ekekeke. even the cake looks pretty. there's QR codes on them!!

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