Thursday, March 28, 2013

130328 Ofla in Dongdaemon

we had our 말하기시험in the morning - mine was around 9.30am so i was able to sleep a little later. then i had my first lunch with my classmates. hahahah. went to a nearby restaurant and i ordered cheese ramen. it's as literal as the name says. lol.

after school, i went over to dongdaemon to meet ofla who was here for a week trip.

we were supposed to meet around 630 so i had quite a lot of time to shop around. there was this building with a lot of clothes and accessories (more than 10 levels high??) so i went to look around. unfortunately because there's so many things to see i lost interest in seeing them.

to be honest they weren't that cheap either. but the building that's next to it that's selling a lot more high class and nicer clothes had even more absurd prices. T_T was a little hungry so i bought a hoddog 호뗙 on the way. basically tastes like a red bean pancake.

meeting ex colleagues in another country seems to bring back the days when we were working together. we went to eat gamja-tang at a random restaurant

it's a hell lot of beef for the 2 of us. and we turned the remaining soup to fried rice, like what the koreans always do. heh.

and ended our meal with mulberry wine. hmmm-hmmm it's nice~~

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