Friday, March 29, 2013

130329 Hongdae Cooking Class

as a kind of treat for us, we had a cooking class held the day after we were done with our exams. so we went to hongdae's rinnai building and got ready to make gimbab/sushi 김밥, chicken stew 찐닭 and pancake 바전.

there was sometime before class started so i took a little walk around hongdae. not much except for restaurants and some street art murals.

here's how the class looks before we start - ingredients were all prepared and the kitchen spacious and clean~

we all changed into our aprons and started working. our pretty instructor used a mike to tell us what to do with the ingredients. hurhur. the guys wearing the aprons look hilarious~!~

started with chopping all the parts for the stew. not so hard.

we then made the sauce and fried the chicken, then poured everything into a pot to boil.

once the sauce is poured in and stirred and set to boil for a while, it actually smelt pretty awesome~

then we mixed the stuff for the pancake. since the guys had more strength, they were tasked to do it. kekek.
pancake is not too hard, you just pour all the ingredients together with flour + water and mix it well, then smear it in the pan. we made like 4 of these, with seafood ingredients. but wow the spring onions that's used is HUGE.

then i had the honor of making the gimbab. you basically smear the starchy rice to each corner of the seaweed, place the ingredients 1/3 way and roll the thing.

and then with the kimchi as the side dish, everything is done in about 2-3hours~ i know, what a spread~! we couldn't even finish everything. bleahs. the chicken stew was the best!!

took some more walk around hongdae then returned back to yong-in for dinner at the chinese restaurant we went previously. oh gosh i just keep eating right. i actually said i didn't want dinner but i followed and ate like 5% anyway.

the guys ordered some really traditional chinese salad-like rojak thingy and it tasted HORRIBLE. the yellow sauce that's poured all over is like wasabi so it kinda choked me like crazy.

you dip these plastic-like thingy in hot water to soften it, then use it to wrap the rojak stuff, popiah-style. i almost thought these were plastics for you to put plates on.

burrrrh. so i was laughed at because i'm a chinese who can't eat chinese food. since when we have such thing in our country anyway?! thank goodness they also ordered something a bit more human - spicy seafood soup or jangbong 짱뽕. pretty nice~

and we went to watch G.I. Joe after dinner. lee byun hyun was awesome. i think he's the only attraction in the whole show. zooooh.

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