Monday, March 11, 2013

130311 SKK in seoul + Rom Story

on a day after school, i went over to dongdaemon to meet some peeps who were buying textiles and wigs there. takes about an hour and a half to get there from my school. got the wrong color extension for my rmn pili cosplay so went over to repurchase. not very cheap...

we then went over to saerom's place to take measurements for some of our costumes. going over to the famous tailor for the first time! the shop is called Rom Story, and they make a lot of costumes for the local cosplayers, as well as some cosplayers overseas. passed by the hello kitty cafe on our way. however the first thing the guys noticed was the kemi restaurant written on the board on the first floor. since kemi means ants, they told me that the food there is all made of ants. jeez, almost believed it.

and Sungkyunkwan uni, the seoul branch is also near the tailor's house!

and taking my measurements for the first time! lohohoho. of course i would want to make the costume myself, but the skills i have is just not good enough for the team yet T_T and i think i better don't risk wasting the materials.

mr 0 is happily drinking the homemade tea by saerom's mom.
dman and pion is discussing the costumes details with saerom's mom.
bhohohoh i took a pic of my measurements in case i need it somewhere else.

took more pictures of SKK after we were done measuring.


don't you think the ancient buildings are kinda cool? they actually have classes in there! woooo. too bad the one is suwon is newly built so it doesn't have anything similar. T_T

we then had dinner in a japanese bento place.

since i didn't wanna have any meat, i picked this place. and it wasn't a bad choice~!~ look at all the ingredients in the bento, it's all different~!

and here's me and pion. are all koreans this white...

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