Thursday, March 14, 2013

yong-in quirks

some interesting things around yong-in.

there's the one and the only cab here that is like a mini museum.

there's also some suspicious shops around the yong-in market we accidentally walked past... hurhur.

there's tvs on all the buses here. they show short video clips featuring gag stunts, animations, fun facts, english learning, music charts, and some artist clips. it also announce the previous, current and next stations the bus is stopping at. makes traveling a real breeze. the bus transport is actually better than the mrt in many ways like this. oh it was showing jay chou some time ago, the secret movie. heh. since i have to take almost 1.5hours of bus everyday to school, i think i know it rather well...

i think it's a bad habit but i keep noticing the funny spellings on the menu. this one is from pastaria at yong-in market. is it me, or does no one think spawn of a flying fish is funny?!?

then i also had my first white day here. though it wasn't any special day for me, ta-sem still gave me a big snack package to carry around. it was a bit embarrassing to carry it but it was still rather sweet of ta-sem. thank you! after i took a picture of it though i totally forgot about it and left it in the office, and it was gone the next day -_- those food monsters... you leave food there for even 10mins, it will be gone like really fast.

just on friday, jooA came to visit so we had a good talk and dinner together. since the guys wanted meat again, they went for the buffet and we ate at han's deli. jooA really eats like a guy!!! she ate up all the carbonara and meat while i had my cheesy dokboggi. and i received a nice watch as a present from here <3333 -_-="" always="" can="" full="" guys="" hope="" is="" more="" of="" office="" often="" only="" p="" she="" the="" visit="">

at eunhwasam, there's also an employee canteen. the food is known to be horrible there but i had breakfast there yesterday. we really only go when we're too lazy to do delivery or to go out. thank goodness it was jajang-rice yesterday so it wasn't too bad.

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