Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sungkyunkwan... scandal?

i was originally supposed to be enrolled in kyunghee but i changed my mind on knowing that we could individually register to sungkyunkwan ourselves. who's gonna pass up an opportunity to study in a school featured in a drama!!! kekekeke.

i came to visit the school on a sunday since i didn't receive any confrmation on where to go what time to go and what to do for the first day of school. zzz. did they miss me out...

after the taxi ride to yong-in. i took bus #10 all the way to Suwon mrt and then another bus 92 to reach the stop near Sungkyunkwan mrt. thank goodness i didn't get lost while looking for the school, because i practically asked everyone i saw on where to go at every turns. i must have asked about 10 people. lol. it's a good skill you know! not like i'm ever going to see them again.

even by following the map i still needed to ask another 10 people but it was just a straight path towards the school. and i made it! the red gate reminds me of tokyo uni's akaimon. pas this door though, all the buildings are actually pretty modern.

and then of course i needed to ask another 10 more people on where i should go. thank goodness there's some china students around so i was directed to the dormitory registration area, where a helpful korean student took me around so i could know who to go to and where to find when i reach on my first day.

this is their very nice dormitory building

and here's the place i'll be attending my lessons at

at the entrance of the building

on the second level. i guess they didn't really bother with the word reparation...

heh. after i found where i was supposed to go, i took some more pictures of the school before i return home for the day. here's the Samsung library. (god, i had no idea samsung is this crazy huge ass company here. they even have apartments.)

here's the research buildings in the far distance.

and here's the school's shopping mall which has bookstores, convenience stalls, cafe, restaurant, bank, hairdresser etc. really pretty much everything we will need.

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