Tuesday, March 26, 2013

130326 Sansachun, Daepo

since i wanted to eat some pancakes, mr 0 searched for a famous one that was in yong-in - and found it! so we went with some team members over to eat. it's hidden in a little house, and seems to be a home restaurant! or rather the settings are built like that?

mr dman and waki are making really strange faces.
and here's our food! we ordered some chicken curry like thingy. and the seafood pancake of course. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
the food, although quite expensive (like the prices in korean restaurants in singapore, but a little more), really tastes awesome. and i ate so much. the makgolli is especially nice! tastes pretty refreshing, and is the best i've had so far!
i made the mistake of eating too much and they cooked fried rice out of the leftover curry soup. yikes. almost burst from eating too much. koreans seem to have a culture of making fried rice from leftover soup. shall take notice next time i have soup stuff...
and that's our dinner~

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