Sunday, March 24, 2013

normal life is not so normal!

for the next few months i'm going to have to turn into a bookworm.... in my cozy little room~~ but it's actually not so bad. 

just looking at the stack of notes/homework the teachers gave in the short 2 weeks, is enough to drive me crazy. there's tests almost every week, and lots of oral presentations and tests as well. that's how these students become so proficient in less than half a year...

however even while stuck at home, there's plenty of things to do. i don't think sy mean to do it but he seems to surprise me every time. this guy is really too unpredictable... just the other day i only asked if there was a sewing machine so i could fix my pants, but i didn't think he would buy one the next day... you can't imagine how happy i was to touch an embroidery machine. since no one in the team can sew, i get to keep it in my room. the only regret i have is not having all my materials here to start sewing...!!! i really want to bring this thing home...!!!

everything is practically automated!! now i just have to figure out the embroidery part...

i also had the privilege of playing ff13-2~~~ hehehehe. except it's in korean. oh well, it's practice for me too i guess. did you know that ff is called papan 바반 in korean??? who knows... thank goodness it's easy enough and the battle system is kind of like ff13. well, there's always faq if i get stuck. the thing is, it's actually considered a failed game in korea, so for less than $20, you can get the game disc, soundtrack, postcards and some calendar cards all in a bundle. WOW.

the really awesome thing though, is i'm playing it on a super huge screen that is like more than 70 inches. i don't know. i didn't measure.

but nothing beats this umbrella. hehehe. it arrived on a rainy morning, when i was preparing to get out for school. it's such a cute little kitty pattern. i don't think it was meant to be a present, but you can't imagine how happy i was to have it. it makes rainy days a happier moment.

and there's also little things that sy remembered. his memory works at the strangest time.

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