Monday, March 04, 2013

sungkyun fooooooood

on the first day of school, at 9am, i had to take a test to stream me into the classes i needed to go to. =_= test in the wee hours. luckily the day before i studied a bit although it wasn't much help. we even mave a 말하기시험 (oral test) in the middle of the test. bleah.

then it was almost 4 hours of waiting after the test ended at 10am, since orientation was at 2pm.

arghhhh. sometimes not staying at the dormitory sucks. spent my time roaming the area again and took my lunch at their 'shopping mall'. ohh if you've watched sungkyun style you can see a lot of the places that was featured in the mv. heh. watch it here! they really found someone who look like psy! almost thought it was him.

tried to create my student pass and account but i can't really do anything until after i've been orientated. zzzz. was pretty relieved when 2pm came. 

there must have been roughly 150-200foreign students who came to study from all over the world - china (duh), japan, USA, russia, bangladesh (was pretty surprised at this actually), vietnam, etc but i was the only singaporean. HAHA.

i was streamed into level 4 out of the 7 levels there are. phew! it's considered the higher intermediate, just where i stopped at. thankfully i don't need to repeat learning any thing i learnt!

and i found out that the students in my class learnt what i did in 2 years, in just 6 months. they're all so monstrously clever. but of course, if you're under the crazy study camp of 9-3pm everyday, and after that even more private studying, you'll be at that level too. stress.

i also spend the next few days looking around the campus and eating at their various canteens. the food isn't fantastic but it does ok. here's the kimchi fried rice. you can't go wrong with this...

and i ate this at their shopping mall. cold spicy ramen. i almost died. TOO SPICY. 

then sometimes i purchase from their convenience stores the cup noodles since the queues at the canteens are just too crazy. whyever did they decide to all have lunch at the same time =_=

here's a kiss ramen advertised by micky yoo chun~~

and there's a few stores selling egg bread or 계란빵 just near our school grounds for 700-1000 won each (the ones at suwon is 1k won. zz) it's nice!! it's like an egg muffin to be honest.

this is the one i bought at suwon. not much diff. maybe it's a bit more poofy and more eggish? in my opinion the 700yen ones near my school is nicer. look at the egg oozing out. hmmm-mmm.

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