Friday, September 23, 2016

160921-23 Yongin and DDM

And so I rested for a few days after quitting my job and flew off to Korea on Tuesday night. It was a good thing I recovered because I was down with sore throat and flu just 2 days before, and I was so scared I would be quarantined after reaching Korea. Ugh. Glad I didn’t carry any zika virus over. BTW I did fall sick (caught a flu) on the same day I went out to get tb and got bitten by a mosquito. Can still remember that Sunday vividly. Bleahs..

In any case, I touched down an hour later than scheduled, as there were some delays in flying off while leaving Shanghai. We were supposed to go Dongdaemon to get cloth but ended up just going back to our office, then our new home to rest.

Part of the reason I was so excited is also because I have a new apartment in Korea! I do think it was quite inconvenient to live with Mr K’s mom and sis (it is always inconvenient to live with strangers), especially with the 2 puny rowdy maltese who seem determined to cause a racket every time we make a tiny movement. T_T

No pictures yet, as I wanna arrange and pack everything before I take any pictures. Quite unfortunately, my schedule was pretty packed for the first few days so I was unable to clean my apartment. But, I wanna show off the lovely laptop Mr K got for me as an early bday present! So pretty!! And it’s said to be the slimmest laptop ever <33333 o:p="">

The next day, we got up past noon and had brunch as Hansot, a bento takeaway place. 

Didn’t do anything much particularly, except to install lots of stuff for my new laptop, hurhur. Went down to visit Eki’s café with Keum-ssi / Mr Gold in the evening. There was a jam when we departed around 7plus and we only managed to reach around 9pm T_T. Still, we managed to have dinner at a bbq place near her café, then went for refreshments at her café.

I miss Eki’s hongcha latte! Though this time, I tried out her matcha. It was a little sweet but still yummy. Unfortunately, I poured half of it on myself in the midst of our chatter and was smelling of milk. Thank goodness Eki gave me something to change into if not I would be drenched in matcha all the way home. Had so much to talk about, we only left around 2am. So super sleepy by then.

On Fri, I was supposed to get out early with Mr Gold and Eki to get cloth, but I slept till 11+ and we only managed to reach DDM by 3pm. In the end. Eki needed to do her post write-up so we didn’t meet in the end. Fortunately, we were able to buy all the cloth that I needed, from 1 single shop, for the CN drama/game. 

Also caught a pretty sun set on the way home!

Phew! We then got back to Yongin to have Shabu with Mr K and Jeonghoon.

they sell this pretty nice octopus rice too. very spicyyy

and back to home~

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