Monday, September 05, 2016

Belle WIP

i practically redid the whole of belle's dress since the last time i posted. it was just hideous and i even re-ordered new yellow cloth (i now have like over 50m of yellow cloth in various tones and patterns, ughh).

so here's the second attempt at ruffling, with my super long cloth.

after evening out the bottom. it was a good idea to use soft satin cos it was just lighter and easier to ruffle them. after putting up the dangles, it looked decent!

the problem was, i made too many panels. T_T if you look at belle's dress again it only had like 6-8 panels x_x

so dammit................. i had to redo again.......... so this is my 3rd attempt:

it appeared to be shabbier than the 2nd, but that was because it was still WIP. finished the whole cutting and ruffling in like 2hrs on a weekday night. with the drapes, it looked pretty good?!

added some mini crystals but they don't seem very visible...

brief comparison between 2nd and 3rd attempt. does it still look like more ruffles = better?

i tried to vary the bottom layer too with rose pattern overlayed with sparkle cloth. seems to be better than just plain yellow satin?

and then i redid the corset like for the 4th time also. the 3rd time i cut the cloth too short ughh.

inserted bone on the chest area, and overlayed chiffon on satin. looks decent, but the inside work is shitty. T_T whatever.

and the headband.. looks duh...

in any case here's the completed piece with the different bottom later! my lighting sucks but oh well.

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