Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lord of Vermilion - Tomoe Gozen

and this is my character - tomoe gozen! apparently she's a well-known historical figure in japan for her bravery and her archery/sword skills.

i think i started with her white top first, 2 layers as usual.

finished top with the yellow lining

then the cloak. it's actually amended from my old ginshu costume haha. i really wanted the sakura patterns on it.

i made it wrongly at first cos i thought it was yellow lining below but i realised it was only yellow at the sides. bleah.

after amending the colours.. i realised there was a slit in the middle so i cut that slit

time to start painting. made some templates but it totally failed.

cos when i imprint it on it looks like shat

i used 2 different templates here

then the finishing strokes to make the edges sharper

halfway painting i realised actually it's 2 flaps and not 1 whole cap so more slit in the middle... so here it is~

ok, the bubble shorts. i actually don't really know how to make it so i took my bubble short sample and just cut the same shape for it.

after sewing together with elastic band. i kinda like how it looks!

there's also 2 flaps below the shorts. ribbons are put on first before the flaps are stitched together.

and the finished product! it looks pretty cute? hehe.

the armour parts are quite straightforwad, just a lot of pieces..

left this to yvonne since she's good at clean wrapping~ she also helped do silver spraying on the fasteners.

and it's done~~ so pretttttyyy

bands to secure and wear on

additional stud decor at the top

now for her leather bustier

after lining the red ribbons

and final combination! invisible zip a the side. looking not too bad!

also sewed tiny hooking buttons for the armour parts to clip on

and the armour parts for my hand

enhanced the armour with gold lining to make it look not so flat. the gold threads are sewn onto the leather portion so it doesn't shift easily.

and for the headdress~

and attaching the threading on

sewed the ribbon ears on my extension cos i don't know how else to put it on..

completed wig~

the obi took some time as i didn't know how to make it... tried doing faint drawings but it looks ughh

so i cut the pieces out instead and pasted them on

and the finished obi

stitched on the purple threading as well

and the ribbon i got from soah

and the leg part, just lots of ribbon...

braiding to mix the colors~

how it looks like!

and my weapon. painted the pole with gesso then black acrylic.

then created the spear head.

and my final costume~

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