Monday, August 08, 2016

Day 8 Tatsuki Onsen

well.. even if we had no mood to attend any more events, we still had to bear with the last one. it was supposed to be a relaxing trip, finally! before we left the hotel, spotted the korean photogs.. whoooo. seems they came for the after party. hahah.

we started with a soba making session at sagami (the restaurant with the awesome shabu food). the japanese are really very dedicated... they even welcomed us in their ninja suit. they really make us feel like we're some important guests.

and here we go~ with taiwan on the same table

yvonne kneading the flour like a pro

and i got to cut the little noodles! looks pretty ok?

well, well, we ate what we made... and i realised the importance of soba being thin... thick soba is really not easy to eat... T_T

and we finished off with a cert in soba making! seems like i can open a soba shop now after i'm odne with my current job! (haha)

we departed for our onsen and stopped at 2 places along the way. love how they have a free drinks corner at the rest stop!!

and we arrived after a 2hrs+ ride.

check out our rooooom

sea view!

we were originally room mates with team philipines but they were ok to change room so we could stay with team taiwan and natalia. so nice of them!! yayyyy. would have been uncomfortable to sleep with strangers on the last day... so thank goodness. after rolling around a little, time for a super long awaited dinner. we changed into our yukatas and went down for the grand feast.

look at the scale.....

such a grand feast. almost feels like harry potter japanese style.

started the night with a loooong photo taking session. yup that's so many of us...

with lovely momo, our best omotenashi ever~

grand toast before we begin?

feast on our own table! and all of us have a bottle of beer to share.

 the food is AWESOMEEEE. they were really saving the best for last. there's a lobster too on the top left! and sashimi, tempura, etc. whoaaaaa. da beautiful feast


some add-ons as we ate along. those clams!

dessert. not sure what is this. yam like thingy.

and of cos the night wouldn't end without some karaoke...

even the omotenashis put up a performance for us - here comes momo!

and more photossss

apple 'dustbin' for our flags

and more presents... from wcs and from momo. the lovely starbucks cup and pouch!

we went for onsen afterwards and it turns out almost all the caucasian cosplayers were there. it was pretty funny because from where we were there was a balcony where we could see the guys bath just below us. and of cos, so could they if we stood naked at the balcony... lol. the spa was awesome cos the soap and stuff used inside were pretty good brands and we felt the wash was comfortable & refreshing afterwards. wheeeee.

after that we stayed up to talk a little and it seems there were some cross dressing activities going on at the omotenashi's room...

got to sleep around 1+, and we had to wake up in the next 4 hours. ughh...

and it was byebye tatsuki...

then byebye nagoya...

our luggage, by the way with all the extra 5 boxes  & the bag of poles were just a total of 30kg each for me and yvonne. just nice!

transit in taoyuan before heading to singapore. and guess who we saw?

final reunion and it was singapore again... and end of wcs!

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