Saturday, August 06, 2016

Day 6 Red Carpet

right, so i messed up this part by thinking it was the osu parade, and then wearing the wrong costumes over =_=
we did tell the announcer but they only corrected the series for yvonne and not mine. sighs. oh well. just enjoy the pictures of gwendolyn... while we waited in the room

with our dear momo~

lovely rio~

the 2 gilgamesh from japan and malaysia

natalie from malaysia

and the other rep from japan

team thailand~

pat came as well!

with the russian ladies

team canada~


odin sphere with taiwan!

sailor cosmos!!! team usa is so blingggg love the costumes!

rep from hongkong looks too amazing, and she kinda reminds me of yumi.

chibi philippines

korea's gilgamesh and ash

and we headed out to just outside of the hotel for the parade

other parade photos look horrible so i shall not post them.

too many photos and blogger is hanging so i shall end off with our lunch bento and post about the semifinals in another one~

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