Monday, August 01, 2016

Day 1 Omotenashi Day

so... i touched down around 9pm at nagoya on saturday and managed to skip day 1 laguna's event. haha. thankfully team indonesia came at the same time so there were people who came to pick me up. or i might have to travel down myself T_T turns out that the team's ticket was unfortunately canceled by whoever it was, and had to rebook to fly on sat instead. wow...

went to the hotel to check in and luckily yvonne was already back. there was no activity for sunday - just a day of outing with our omotenashi or student helper, so it was going to be a relaxing weekend for me. yay~!

the next day, we ate the breakfast buffet. the food was pretty nice - there's curry and corn soup, cereal, rice and bread.

we got ready to get out for some shoppinnnggggg after that. walked around the malls near our hotel first and somehow managed to buy lots of stuff...

it was so hottttttt. our dear omotenashi momo queued for the ichiran ramen for us so we had a pretty good lunch!!

got to sat in those cubicles. my own space and water tap. hurhur.

we then had some yogurt ice cream dessert at the basement of a shopping mall.

we then walked over to osu alley and saw a popular haunted house that only opens in summer. such a long queue already under the hot sun...

had some more food - ice shavings! momo's friend was working there and she gave a big portion to us.

and then we continued shopping along osu - bought so many clothes!! and mandarake was awesome!!!

look at all the awesome sailormoon collection!!

after mandarake - we went home and rested. tired but happy shopping day!

Aug 1 - costume judging day

i realised that i didn't take any photos except 1. it was a whole day of judging day and ours started around noon. kudos to the first group that started at 8am...

in any case, looking at all the awesome costumes everyone else had... we've already succumbed to our fate T_T so we're just going to get retail therapy and enjoy our trip here.

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