Saturday, August 06, 2016

Day 6 Semifinals

so we were like the last 2nd team to perform and just had to wait backstage and take our time to slowly prepare... we could leave the red carpet halfway to get ready, which helped a little.

made some mistakes, but it wasn't very visible in the performance. we had a popper effect at the end, but the cone rolled out and we weren't able to do it T_T in any case, i doubt we'd have gotten in even with the effect, bleahs. here's the livestream in any case.

the interview question was on whether we enjoyed our performance but having known that we made a mistake.. it was really a very hard question to lie through. =_=

i can only say, we did whatever we could in the short span of 3 weeks. chionging 2 costumes and coming up with a new play was no joke, in between my full time job. i don't think i'll ever try to do such a thing for a big competition next time - at least a year of prep would be needed!!!

in any case.. backstage selfie time!

with kyle and sangho~ their performance fully made use of the background video - must watch!

brazil's ff7 - wheee

the winner goes to indonesia!! all those magic acts... omgggg

kyaaa ff8!! i love how true their performance is to ff8!! squall!!!

muahhah i kinda forced them to take pics with me as they were almost going to take off their costume. hengggg. seifer is a very funny guy.

selfie with aussie and netherlands, that super tall guyyy O,o

i love germany's performance! that quick battle after the dance totally wowed me. it was a shock that they didn't get in, which turned out to be a mistake. thank goodness!

their umbrella props were really pretty and detailed as well. puts mine to shame...

and odin sphere from taiwan. i think they did a really good job with the queen nifleheim and that change at the back!

team portugal with le chevalier d'eon, used to like that anime a lot~

and we got to watch a lot of the group b's performances

denmark, who scored 2nd place with their fabulously detailed costume

vietnam and their 3-4x costume change

the very pretty ff4 ladies (but their angmoh japanese voiceover was quite funny..)

france's love live, who scored 3rd place

hongkong's very big kancolle, another team whom we thought would get in but didn't. weird.

the ultra bling mexico!! their costumes are filled with gems, for every single feather too...

and philippines - the girl's acting is really very good!

last few selfies with the past reps~

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