Sunday, August 14, 2016

160814 SG Zoo

i'm going to the zooo zooo zoo will you come too tooo tooo

first thing after i'm back from jp - catch up time with my lovely little lady! woke up at like 9am as i was meeting the koh family at 10. rush rush!

she's grown so much and i can't carry her for more than 5mins now, at a whopping 18kg. and such a pretty young lady she is <333333 also="" and="" fab="" family="" getting="" her="" is="" lovely="" mom.="" p="" prettier="" slimmer="" vivian="">

we didn't visit a lot of things, just started with the tiger (who isn't there), the turtles, polar bear, monkeys and watched 2 show - rainforest fights back and the elephant show. right at the entrance after the otters were the big rocky crocos.

jiaen was feeling lazy and sat in the pram most of the morning.
we had to coax her to get up to see the hippos


jiaen likes the polar bear!

elephant show was pretty interesting - the elephants listen to the order so well!

and the rainforest show

some monkeys hanging over us while we walked back to the entrance. ok, a little hard to spot in my photos. bleahs.

our final photo with the otters, right at the entrance. kyaaaa~~

took a bus back to woodlands (926 only took like less than 15mins), and i finally got to eat my red velvet mcflurry! jiaen visited our house for a while, before leaving for her noon nap, as she started to whine.

it was good to see her again after so looooonggggg. glad she remembers me T_T

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