Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Day 5 00 Ramen Champion

and so... yesterday was the last day of 00's trip T_T
and i still had to work.
got up at 7+, then took a taxi to drop off 00's luggage at copthorne. the taxi took 45mins =_= and cost $38!! oh my god. never try to taxi in the morning jam. in any case we still managed to bus over to tiong bahru and eat mac for breakfast.

still managed to get to office a little past 930am. phew..

met up for lunch with the bunch at tiong bahru again, where we had bah kut teh on the 2nd level. it's not the best and the guys seem to not enjoy it as much as the other food, but it was alright. we ate yakun for dessert as well as 9 fresh. from the last grass jelly experience they had doubts on taiwan dessert but 9 fresh made it up!

and the guys had really too much yakun... it was 5 slices for each of them... wahh. but they really love it!!!

after work, we met up at bugis. the guys went to the bird park in the mean time. i showed them all the food at bugis and bugis+, and we finally decided on ramen, where we ordered 4 big bowls.

there's the butagod cheese ramen (which is my favourite), spicy ramen, miso ramen and the pork-based tsukemen.

here comes tsukemen.

they were still full from the toast during lunch, but we still managed to finish eating all of them since they love all the ramens here! food fighter!

and we still had llaollao for dessert, 2 person sharing 1 sanum. i didn't manage to finish mine cos 00 didn't really like yogurt, esp the fruits inside. oh well. seongju and nare finished theirs... wowwww.

we then took the train and bus back to copthorne, where we rested for a bit before taxi-ing to the airport around 9+pm.

we then checked in and had to repack 00's luggage cos he could only check in 1 baggage, so i had to stuff my kabaneri props in his carrier. whoaaa. thankfully all of it squeezed in nicely, though he had to handcarry his big tablet and his boots.

we hung around the area till about 12am, where the guys sent me off on my taxi home and even gave me taxi fee T_T i took uber pool, and it only cost 16.80 for the trip back home! the guy sharing apparently didn't appear so i had the whole taxi to myself. gotta love uber pool...

and i only managed to sleep at 1+ ughhh... work again tomorrow T_T

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