Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 2 00 Gardens by the Bay, Night Safari

and soooo we spent our saturday at gardens by the bayyyyyy
met up at city hall and had lunch at this soba place. seems pretty healthy and unique~ it was a pity my nose was blocked so all of them tasted almost the same to me. the bottom left was a Must Try but the guys didn't quite like it so i ate it all (since the taste was all the same to me).

then we had yakun as dessert.. (i'm actually eating it as dessert, oh my) cos the guys were still feeling hungry.

took a train to bayfront after that and started with the flower dome. the sun was HOT so we paid $3 for the cart ride from the station to the dome.

flower dome featured a lot of orchid this time and statues crafted from wooden stems

dear's very funny expression.. seongju is just capturing a lot of funny photos. haha.

overview from the top

dear's funny face..

spotted some pretty purplish flowers here

last few spots with all the pixies

same spot, just different lighting

tested out the wide selfie shot of S6. look at the first failed shot. hahahah seongju got alienized..

and the next few was pretty successful

and realised there's an interesting virtual tour mode where you can view the photo as you move your phone. unfortunately the only way to share this online is via a video...

then we headed for the rainforest or cloud dome. look at the venus flytrap - it's all made of lego!

and we're at the grand waterfall

testing out the virtual tour again hehe

there's also a gif mode!

and up we go.....

more virtual tours. hurhru it's pretty fascinating.

and down we go, back to MBS.
afraid we might not be able to enter safari, we went over after a short trip at MBS mall, around 530+pm. managed to enter at 715pm to take the train ride, then catch the Creatures of the Night show.

think the lady picked the wrong audience and had some trouble with the raccoon at the end who refused to put the cans in the recycle bin.the show wasn't as entertaining as i last saw it as they removed the hiding cobra part, but oh well.

we then took a bus to woodlands, when the whole thing ended around 9+pm... but oops i took the wrong bus 927 and it brought us to cck =_= so we mrt back to woodlands and ate the cheap sushi there, plus red velvet mc flurry. there was a night market there selling lots of new food. the salted egg mini pancake looks interesting!

not too bad, but $6 was pretty expensive for such smallies.
after that it was home sweet home, and so near me. hurhur.

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