Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 1 00 Chinatown

meeting my dearest since the last time i saw him, which was 3 months ago.. so exciting!
unfortunately or fortunately, i fell ill just 2 days ago, like in the middle of work. just started to sneeze and had boogie dripping. the next day was just as terrible, but i managed to pull through work. had bad headaches at night and took mc on friday. slept at 8pm for the 2 days but i kept waking up every 2 hrs to pee and drink water cos my sore throat was so bad T_T

even with the mc, i had to get up at 5+ and bus over to copthorne, where his buddy and his wife will be staying at. we met up so super early and it started raining so super early, that we didn't really know what to do afterwards. decided to eat breakfast at copthorne's buffet area in the end to while the time away before check in (at 2pm). even while sick, i still had appetite so i ate what i could hehe. it was 25++ per person if you had a room there and 38++ if not, so i can't let it go to waste can i....

after eating, we taxi-ed over to chinatown as the guys didn't have ez link yet. got the tourist past at $30 for 3 days of unlimited traveling with a refundable $10. come to think of it, considering the cheap transport fees here, it was really not that worth it. we then stopped at a Chinatown Heritage Hostel, where it's highly raved on Korean Naver blogs for the cheap ticket sales, and got our tickets for USS, Jurong Bird Park, Cloud/Rainforest Dome, River Cruise for the next few days.

Explored the Sri Mariaman temple and the aircon Chinese temple, walked around chinatown a bit before it was time to head back to the hotel. got my dear's luggage, then we taxi-ed back home. as Uber was having a $5 promotion on Uber pool, we used it and very fortunately, there was no one to pool with us so we paid just $5 for the long trip home. wheeee!

after refreshing ourselves and napping for a bit, we got up around 7+ and uber-ed over to Orchard to meet the couple for dinner. ate the mala hotpot at Food republic but it tasted too salty that day. they liked the hokkien mee though! we then had desserts at llaollao and ate the choco churros as well. seongju and nare really liked the yoghurt~

(and dear namchin was very impressed with the camera effects)

it was pretty late already so we took a quick walk from somerset to orchard, then headed home.

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