Thursday, August 04, 2016

Day 4 Osu

another rest day for us!
the countries were all divided into different places so there were some who had program yesterday but not today, and vice versa. some even had to take a bullet train down to tokyo. poor guys.

and so, it's another shopping day for us! well, we actually wanted to go back to mandarake for the cheap costumes and also to buy some materials for our final performance...

we went with ly and mia from vietnam today, and had curry rice for lunch

that egg looks so good. yummmm. and level 2 is actually pretty spicy here. like our level 3 in singapore. i'm surprised.

and we're back at osu again~~

there's so many pigeons here

we got separated halfway then reunited again at osu, and then stopped by for a quick meal at the cup carbonara + karaage place

never try to put the cheese powder, it's so salty. and so is the cup carbonara. it was still cute anyway.

went home after we were done, to prep our costumes. uh, i totally made a wrong choice by trying to use nail varnish to color my lace. bleahs. all the smell also made me dizzy. we got out for underground shopping to breathe fresh air afterwards.

had to buy acrylic again to repaint it again. zzz. lesson learnt.

styled my meiko hair also, which i didn't use eventually. too short... at least it was pretty cheap, 1k yen a pop.

and i tidied all the presents received from the reps. woooowwwwww

had cup noodles from a nearby conbini for dinner. done for the day~

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