Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lord of Vermilion - Maita

and so.. we chionged 2 costumes + a new skit in the span of 3 weeks for wcs in japan. zzz. couldn't really do very well since i still need to do it in between my full time job. almost died.

anyway, these is the character for yvonne, named maita

thank goodness there's actually not much to do here. i did the red/black half top. 

the ribbon thing had to be redone cos it seems to be too obvious a color to use. saddd.

and the red top was pretty much the same template.

after some adjustments done during fitting, here's the finished product. lined for both tops! lining works very well when you're in a rush and needs to cover all the ugly stitches, and don't want to do seams. haha.

lan helped us research and draw out the template, then yvonne used it to paint on

and the finished product:

the white flaps are a breeze... just that i had to put silver bias tape around it.

yvonne lightly sprayed the surface so there's some greenish tinge to it. it was also done on her white fur around the neck.

then the shoulder thing was done using PVC

lined at the back. 

the 2 flaps done separately, lined with gold ribbons at the sides

then stitched together with the main piece. ta-da~

obi (just 2 long strips of rectangle) and tail (a bottom bubble shape) was straightforward. the tail caused a lot of fur mess =_= the talisman was just 2 pieces of rectangle with the words cut and pasted on by yvonne.

lastly, the wig cutting during one of our practice

After styling to make it look more layered and adding a red tinge to one tuft of the hair on the right. It looked ok then but all the layers seem to wear off afterwards =_=

and the completed set!

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