Wednesday, July 02, 2014

140702 Lotte World

so we woke up super early to get to lotte world because if you are late in getting in you have to queue a good 1 hr for the atlantis ride... but i had to have breakfast nevertheless. we ate at kong's riceballs (hehe).

roe cheese riceball and beef bulgogi riceball. cute~

it was too bad we didn't have any cards to get our tickets so we have to pay the full price. but the sales lady was nice enough to offer us a couple package where we get 2 samgaetangs + 2 bingsu and discounts off mirror maze and horror house, together with the entrance tix at the full price. which wasn't so bad since the total of these was worth more than 40k won. so lotte here we come!

this place is full of memories for me *_* when we first came here together with jimin and taeyeon

i think it was about 9.30 or 10.30 when we went it. we chionged for atlantis first.

only had to wait 30mins or less before we got to ride. phew! choped the fast pass for a later ride!

this is a very dizzy ride where you explore the universe and meteors in a rotating spaceship.

went on more dizzy rides i hadn't been before. pirate ship with rotating panel.

had red bean bingsu before we move on! it's at cafe bingbingbing and 00 is addicted to it ever since (we ate like 3more times afterwards). wanted to change to other flavours but the counter sales person wouldn't allow. so inflexible. anyway the red bean is nice (and everyone at the shop was only eating the red bean) if not i'd have complained much about it. heh.

time for another atlantis ride!

and there's a nice elephant near the water ride too.

went to tour the mini trick-eye museum and took some awesome photos~!

i know, we're so good at posing right. cosplayers will always be cosplayers. hahah. final pic before we leave. and my phone had to die at this stage so from here onwards all pictures are taken using 00's phone.

we went on a couple more rides, and also the mirror maze!

 then decided to go for dinner at the folk's village. shilla first!

and 00 was happily drumming.

and olden ways of making cotton... or noodles!? ha!

i think this is goguryeo.

the whole area has all these little buildings and you can climb up to view.

oh look there's a sentry there! lol.


finally done with the folk village, we headed for dinner~

had samgaetang there. the gamjang sauce is nice, definitely ask for it when you eat samgaetangs!

back at lotte, there's a concert happening on brazillian dances.

samba night!~

we then headed out to take our polaroid, which was 3000 a piece. ugh. expensive and the shot wasn't great. they took the full view so i can't even see our faces. T_T

self-cam is better.

we then went inside again as a night parade was happening.

some clips of the performances!

there's some really good idea for making huge props there! prepare for photo spam if you can't see the vids.

i'd like to make such a float too..

they have like mobile projectors here to create those words! 

i like how they made these giraffes with flexible sticks to move the heads.

after the parade ends, we headed home~ t'was a really fun and fulfilling day ..^_^..

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