Saturday, July 12, 2014

140712 Shingeki Shoot

ookay so i landed on friday from korea just to come to this shoot, since dear laogong planned it like a year back for the 12 of us. woke up around 5am to do make up before getting out 630-ish at woodleigh. the weather was smelling of rain and it drizzled a bit, but to our great surprise, it didn't rain at all at woodleigh. the weather forecast predicted all wrongly. hah! lucky!

or maybe it's because of jonathan's cute weather doll that brought the luck?

in fact because of the rain, the weather was breezy and cooling, too awesome to be true! it was a blessing for the team as our jackets were thick and the 3D gear a pain to move around in. we started with open area shots, then individual, then forest team shots, individual and finally casual-no-gear-shots. annie is ready! (mwahah MTXX is such a great app)

and not to forget, camwhores...!!!!

our lovely helper bombing the selfies on the right. haha!

more individual selfies~

and much thanks to val, my nv er and our awesome helper! she helped correct our pose, took care of our wigs and expressions and gave us water and tissues. power helper!

we also had a lot of mishaps that day... laogong sprained his poor back. (athen did this comic strip, lol)

sasha fell and poke a hole in her stomach from the tree...

and i opened the toilet door on my toe and flipped my whole toenail T_T was staining the toilet door with blood. thank good ness it happened after the shoot. still super painful now T_T

much appreciation to our hanji (kaien) who helped me bundle up my toe!!

and yes i was still able to go for our group dinner at saizeriya farrer park, where a titan appeared...

hahah. whoever did this poster for yumi. (y)

and i went home safely on train. look forward to the pics soon!

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