Sunday, July 06, 2014

140706 Namu Cafe

wanted to have waffles for brunch, but after venturing to yongin and discovering some new shops, we settled at this new restaurant selling local korean food. ordered rabokgi and an cream seafood udon.

it's filling, but we still moved on to dessert at this new cafe called namu kirin (tree giraffe). it's on the second floor.

and we're here~

the interiors were pretty refreshing and cute! you can tell why the cafe is namu and kirin cos there's namu and kirins everywhere!

the counter is full of collectible figurines that they serve with all the food.

we ordered yuzu ice and matcha. see the cute figurines? my matcha had a little hand stuck inside to act as a spoon but i didn't manage to capture here.

i took a look around the potted areas. they used all kinds of stuff as pots - cosmetic bottles, lightbulbs, drink cans, sewing machine. whoa.

each table also had a different set of potted flower on them and decorations beside the tables.

and that's yongin's namu cafe for you~

after nua-ing at the cafe for a good 2hrs, i managed to persuade 00 to take me to myeong dong at 4pm. bwahwhah. sleeping all the way on the bus...

and i found the 3ce shop my sister wanted cosmetics from...! it's a section of stylenanda, and there's so many customers here! the make-up is really expensive too...

i also had my eye on a la palette bag which 00 got for me with much difficulty. we had to run to and fro to make a member card which could give us cash vouchers in 30k with purchases over 400k. (apply for a card here, and register at the next building, make the purchase back at this building then collect the vouchers at level 6. ugh.) thank goodness the vouchers have no expiry date!

after much rushing, we made it to the exp bus terminal at 9.09pm to board our 9.10pm bus back to yongin. what a close shave! skipped dinner but i still felt happy ..^_^..

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