Friday, July 04, 2014

140704 Ihwa-Shinchon-Hongdae

so we needed to collect some discount tickets from a seller at shinchon.
we alighted at ihwa since i've never been there before and walked to shinchon.
found a good graffiti area for photoshoot! thought we'll use for vi if we need to.

after meeting the seller, we walked to hongdae and passed by a famous ramen shop selling super spicy ramen. so we ordered a bowl to share. no joke i say........

this was spicier than the buldalk bokkeum myeon... don't be cheated by the exterior.

then there was a nice looking takoyaki which from 00 analysis seems to be a maj-jib (delicious eating place). so we bought 10~

our cute takoyakis~ and they tasted good!

reaching hongdae, we saw a street artiste blowing really big bubbles.

also chanced by a popcorn shop. 

seems like popcorn ice cream is a trend in korea now!

matcha popcorn sundae is delicious.

wanted to try the really humongous burger there but we were too full to eat it of course. well, even if we were hungry i'm not sure if i'll wanna eat it...

went home after grabbing some skin food stuff for yvonne.

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