Thursday, July 24, 2014

140724 Swatch Sistem51

so i went for the swatch sistem51 launch event. look at the pretty watches! although i most definitely would prefer if the back mechanics were half on the front area.

both pictures from watchuseek forum

so anyway the event was at orchard central and darn, i think i was too concentrated on taking food pics T_T so i gotta kope photos from all over now.

picture from arabnews

there's the normal commemorative photo taking

and there's also a cocktail bar with pretty nice alcohol

there's even a booth for you to print words onto the eco bag they've given you - how cool is that!

and not forgetting the food served - so nice~~!!

this mushroom pie thing is really good.

after we got enough food and had a good look around we headed back. it's nice to have a self-customised bag as a souvenir too~!

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