Sunday, July 27, 2014

140727 Sentosa Play Pass

so from the last time we went to my dad's company anniversary, we had some remaining tickets to play around sentosa. i hung out with my mom, aunt, alison and my little cousin. odd combination, but so interesting!

we visited the butterfly and insects kingdom. look at how harmoniously the 2 is staying together. the parrot bites btw.

and uh, it seems i didn't take any insect/butterfly photos cos i counted on yingxuan my little cousin to take them and never received them from her again T_T

we went on all the 3D rides. it was good! in the cowboy game i was even the top winner. last time i played it in korea i scored so little points for it. huh.

the most interesting was this kart like ride. we had to queue for quite long though.

i have a great lack of photos =_=

you drive the whole track and eventually you're hauled back via the cable cars.

there's my mom w alison behind

commemorative photo steal! *cheap thrill*.

went atop this tiger beer tower also to look at the scenery.

and last stop was at the local museum. quick 5 min show at the front with some talking portraits. then a museum with a lot of wax figures to show the local lifestyle.

the highlight was the selfie with johnny depp!!

and because the play pass included cable cars to harbour front we took it anyway. if you buy the rides alone it's like $28 per person - so why not!? see how cool the superhero cars are?

except they are non-aircon inside T_T bleah.

so we took over to harbourfront to have desserts then took the cable car back to sentosa and rode home in alison's car.

fun day! heh.

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