Tuesday, July 08, 2014

140707-08 Ocean World

so the coupon we collected at shinchon was for the discount at the waterpark. for a night stay there, it was reduced from over 200k to just 70k! whee! 7 csl members went for the 2D1N stay there. our bus departed at about 830am (there's only 2 timings for the bus, 830am and 6pm)

and we reached there in slightly less than 2hrs. whoever said it will take 5hrs... zzz i only slept 1.5hrs the night before thinking i could sleep on the bus =_=

a shopping area just in front of the resort we'll be at.

since we reached around 10+ we couldn't check in and have to head to the water park first.

the first ride we queued for took 1hr+. with nothing to do, i began snapping lots of stuff.

all of us waiting in queue!

the way up was slooow and hoooot

at least after i reached the top i could take such pictures!

they say this park is the 4th largest in the world.
and we finally are sliding down!

we went on the tidal wave pool, then the paddle wave before we stopped to have our lunch.

yes, this is just 1 plate for the 7 of us that costs over 23k won T_T so small.

we didn't manage to take 2 of the biggest rides thinking we'll be back tomorrow first thing in the morning. went to take other smaller rides and back at the tidal wave section instead. didn't take the inside rides too T_T. everything closes at 6pm so it was a very short day for us.

we got showered quickly and headed back to the resort, while some of the people went to do some grocery shopping.

check out our big room! there's 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 toilets and 2 rooms, and a balcony to hang our clothes~

the room looks empty cos we went for the korean style where you have to take out futons to sleep.

the girls were supposed to take the bigger room with attached toilet and the guys the smaller room. but how it ended was the girls room, the boys living room and kyungmin's room. i was sleeping in the living room since i couldn't sleep on the floor and occupied the sofa instead. hoho!

and when the guys were back, we have 2 chefs in the house~

ark prepared all the side dishes and cooked the huge pot of ramen while song-sem bbq-ed the meat for us~

since we were all too full to sleep, we had a stroll outside.. and ate some more. lol. the frozen yogurt ice cream is nice!

even bought back snacks to drink our soju with...


in the end the next day we all only woke up past 11 and close to 12. poor song-sem cooked japagetti but had to pour all away cos no one wanted to wake up to eat. T_T

we checked out at 12 - and you actually have to clean up the whole room and tucked your blankets or you'll be charged. funny rules.

since it was too late to go to the waterpark and everyone is sunburnt and in pain, we decided to nua at the food court for the next 6hrs till the bus came...!

the thai western food looks good, but tasted horrible

kraze burger wasn't so bad

we even ate the cafe bingbingbing that was there. heavens for 00 and the team. everyone really liked it!

there was gongcha too but it tasted bad. and some views of the internal amusement park there~

when we hit 530ish, we headed out and got on the 6pm bus. back to yongin~

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