Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Annie Leonhart SnK WIP

so annie is a titan in snk. whoever didn't watch, sorry for the spoiler!

i love that her last name is leonhart, wife of squall leonhart. haha! she's almost like the female version of squall, except when she goes loony titanish with that maniacal face.

ok i basically didn't do much for this character. CSL was replicating a lot of shingeki's 3D gear and 00 asked if i wanted an extra set, so i said yes and joined SMLJ's team for Annie, one of my favourite character from the series.

you can check out the whole 3D gear WIP here.

As our team debuted on AFA, the gear that was worn was in a battered state so i had to fix the parts again. and i realised 00 took the blades back home, and so my only handmade item is the blade...!

carved from wire cover and spray painted. the carvings were a pain in the ass cos i kept cutting myself accidentally. but spraying is easy~

oh, and i made the skirt wrap too and altered the jacket to a smaller size. the rest were all taobao-ed. awesome taobao~!

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