Saturday, July 05, 2014

140705 Karas Photoshoot

ok, so i was stuck in CSL headquarters working on props the whole day till photoshoot time for karas.

karas is a particularly sentimental piece to me since it was the first cosplay i did with 00. however the people taking the shoot today was ark and taeyeon. still, it was good to watch them *_* Giro-ssi was the photog. pardon all my dark photos since it was dark. waky was helping out (and my he has grown crazy puiiii) haha.


the man behind the mask!

and the lovely taeyeon! her yurine is nice!!! (tbh i think she fits more than me)

and i finally got a decent shot. not to compare with the photog level of course...

i didn't think that ekou's yurine was the same yurine. it seems that yurine left ekou but they were together at the beginning. which meant that i was 00's yurine that time too, right? *_* heheheh.

here's my fav photo the photog took! the feels~!!

for more pictures of the shoot, please see here!

we had dinner around 10+ after the shoot ended - sundae-guk (like intestines soup.....)

they took the intestines out for me but the meat was still too much. the soup was nice though!

and we went home via express bus that was near the park. should have came via there before.... =_= (we took bus > mrt > cab previously, so lol.)

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