Wednesday, July 09, 2014

140709 Piltover LoL Photoshoot

so as usual, we were chionging on reparations and stuff before we headed out around 1pm. me, ark and myeongseon went over to help taeyeon with her luggage, then went to the park for the photoshoot. 00 came afterwards with all the armour in the call-van.

after putting on our make up, we had some selfies~

selfies flipped my face so i have to MTXX it back

when it was turning dark, it got harder to selfie T_T so have to MTXX it again. lol. here's me as VI and taeyeon as Jinx.

found a spot near the streetlamp where it was bright enough for selfies~ lucy came by around 6 to help with my tattoo.

seems like 00 was stopped by the security outside because he was carrying too much things, so they thought it's a company-related shoot. the security actually came to us and ask if we were related. he got a little shocked when he saw me (was it my awesome tattoos) and immediately could tell i was a foreigner. i think he couldn't tell my nationality cos he went all mute suddenly. lucy answered for us though.

we were almost close to canceling cos it was slightly drizzling and our props can't come in. but in the end they went a big round to avoid the video cameras and managed to lug everything in and we proceeded with our shoot around 830-9pm. honey-jeong and his gf came in to help as well, and it was really fortunate because we were greatly short-handed!!!

here's a preview of the shoot nevertheless! waiting for kyungmin to process the rest. and no, the lighting's result of the set up and definitely not photoshooped. nothing is shopped here btw. so awesome right the photog. hehehehe~

by the way if you wanna look at the WIP, please see 00's blog here!
making of jayce
making of VI (uh, he hasn't put them up yet it seems)
*note that for VI's armour, the color was altered to pair with jayce.

i only made the jacket, corset and styled the wig. will be putting the photos up soon~

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