Tuesday, July 15, 2014


so mr k thinks that this girl will fit me. whaddya think..!? vi's profile

i basically only took ref from these 2 pictures. the first is a concept art and the second the actual in game character. the colors for the armour is a deviation from jayce's armour as 00 wanted to make them a couple.

so i was tasked to do up the cloth parts - namely the jacket, corset as well as the wigs while mr k finishes the armour parts. not too hard~ here's the jacket!

putting the lining and jacket together
and the back belt
and the badge! i used pvc to cut as well as foam, but painting didn't work out too well. pvc cut was better but looked so flimsy...
and the little winged brooch was made outta foam
and sprayed colored brown with gold tints

jacket done! had to extend the connecting strip as i realised it's a diagonal strap.

here's the corset. i particularly like this corset. yeahhhh.

and attaching the bottom belts

then moving on to the little flares on the skirt part. which i lined with gold trimmings and it went out of shape =_= so i had to redo

and the completed corset!

and the styling of the wig. i actually picked this lost wig during acm. it was in a tangled state so i just gave it a good wash.

but i styled it the wrong way.. arghhhh!!! in the end i had to recut it in korea.

i even shaved my hair on the wrong side. so dumb =_= so ended up shaving both sides. bleah. thank goodness i can still cover the shaved patch with normal hair.

tried doing the dreadlocks but it looked terrible

decided i will stick to picture #2 for the wavy extensions instead. hur.

here's the neck collar too. simple.

i tried to paint the stripes on the leggings as well...

but in the end i just used a ready bought one, since i found it on carousell. hoho.

for the armour parts, do refer to mr k's set on FB here~

recap of the jacket and corset~

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