Sunday, April 27, 2008

i went to ooyama today but i didn't take any pictures. still, i feel like blogging about it because i seemed to have found something awesome.
first up, there's TONS of wet market/supermarket around. but i still feel that 100yen shop is cheaper so whenever i go to those shops my eyes will zoom for those below 100yen. and i managed to buy canned food at 100yen (still cheaper by 4-5yen lol), and salad leaves for 58yen.
then there's this 105yen shop which sells pots, pans, bottles, etc!! sugoi! i managed to buy my frying pan here... which really works! yay! now i can fry stuff. feels like i'm unlocking some abilities here.
then i saw a 10yen cd shop. YES 10yen only. but it's mostly singles. i searched for the most familiar title and bought the mai hime one. there's 3 songs inside. oh well. i saw glay and koda kumi, but i just bought the one with the nicest cd cover. haha.
and then there's diy shops selling buttons, yarns, threads, diy (you know those japanese fabric kind of protection charms? about 1000yen though) stuff. i really really wanted to buy them but they are all so expensive. speaking of which, i met a lady here who thought that my scarf was cute. today i went out with a scarf on my head. i thought it was normal, but apparently when i went home today, the station uncle also thought the scarf was cute. and both of them even said the same things - '日本人似てる!' (you look like a japanese). hahaha interesting. i had a looong chat with the uncle till my train came.
will visit ooyama again! the yukatas are all so nice there. and i finally bought my toe socks for 210yen. next is my geta, yukata and bag!

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