Saturday, September 20, 2008

19th sept

i had a looooong day at work what with repeating the same sentences over and over again to different customers (and sometimes to the same customers since i forgot) because i had to go around asking people to help me with my survey. it was so much easier to do survey in the past online, but now it's reality. no more sitting behind the computer and clicking.
of cos i was refused LOTS of times (it seems to be a bug, once someone starts to reject those around the person rejects as well that it became pretty annoying). however there were also splendid customers who came up to me and offered their help, and there were also those who chatted with me (since my nametag shows that i am not really a japanese). i have a 'senpai' who once lived in sweden saying that my japanese is bimyou though (which was really funny actually). ah well i guess trying to say the same things in different way might sound strange to japanese sometimes! but i also have people saying that my japanese sounds better than a japanese (of cos i know it's not true...) it really warms my heart to have such lovely people around. i swear i will do all the surveys i'm asked to do in the future if i'm ever stopped by anyone.
well anyone, my job ended around 7pm, and i rushed over to ikebukuro for stefan and nina's birthday party at edo romance. but since by the time i reached it was already 9pm (ends at 930pm) it seems stupid to just go in, have a drink and pay 2000yen. met mk who just came too and we went to lotteria to wait. finally ate my azuki mochi matcha pie for 100yen there (WHICH IS AWESOME). ahh forgot to take its picture...
about 10pm, the nomikai is finally over. we decided to continue the 2nd nomikai at a nearby karaoke bar, for 390yen per half hour with free flow drinks. however, there was only 5 of us left at that time (compared to over 15 initially at edo romance). still it was pretty fun since we sang a lot of weird songs.
eri did us the honor of singing a japanese song by koda kumi.

i managed to get this gingerbread cookies from ikea as a last minute birthday present to stefan and nina as well. we sang for an hour then left.
the weather was terrible that night and my umbrella sucked since it seems to be collapsing on all fronts. i think a typhoon came as well since the sound of rain was awfully thunderous that night when i slept. wow.

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