Friday, July 25, 2008

12th july
last day of our japan in asia lesson, ended with a simple test (luckily what we studied were all tested ;p) and a feast at malaychan (operated by a malaysian-japanese) near our school.
food is great! there's crackers, fried rice, satay (it's like those yakitori but dipped in satay sauce) and chicken. 1000yen with drinks and dessert. dessert was (which i ate in too much of a haste to take photos :() a coconut milk drenched tapioca with little pearl jellies thingy
this will be all the updates for today since i haven't gotten the photos for the next event. AHHH. i woke up at like 5pm since i slept at 9am (talked to xm for like 2 hours) and had breakfast then and there. amazing i can do this much. yawnsss.

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